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On December 2, 2017 the Frankfurter Allgemeine wrote an article on the proposed Bankruptcy Court settlement in Phillips Nizer’s long-running battle to recover the finder’s fee for Mr. Thal’s German client Armin Augstein involving rap musician Ryan Leslie’s stolen lap top. In a very long article under the headline below, it quotes Mr. Thal:

“Agreement in the dispute over a finder’s fee reward”

“ We are glad that our client will get at least a significant part of his legal reward after a long, difficult fight’, said Steven Thal to this newspaper, Head of the German Group at the New York law firm Phillips Nizer. “

Landesbank Baden Württemberg recently quoted Steven Thal in its newsletter to customers. Here is an excerpt:

There are many differences between the legal system in the USA and that in Europe. Steven H. Thal, who is an attorney with the legal firm Phillips Nizer in New York, explains two typical examples:

  • Foreign in one’s own country: The character of Federalism in the USA has implications for businesses that are incorporated in one US state while conducting business in another US state. Such businesses are considered foreign outside the US state in which they are incorporated. In order to be legally allowed to do business somewhere else in the US the business – depending on the type and volume of business activities – must be registered in that state. Otherwise there is the risk of being fined up to $10.000.
  • Security: Often German businesses ask their attorneys in the US to provide security for loans either through transfers by way of security or through title retention for not fully paid merchandise. The German pledged property is however unknown in the USA. Here a buyer always acquires absolute property rights. Businesses have to publicly register security interests through a “UCC-1 Financing Statement” – similar to a land register entry in Germany.

The entire newsletter is available for download here. Mr. Thal is featured on page 7.

The Winter 2014/15 issue of “Zur Information” introduces a significant change in New York litigation with the introduction of the new “Rocket Docket” option for accelerated adjudication of commercial disputes in the Commercial Division of the Supreme Court of New York State.

Mr. Thal was recently profiled in Legal Leaders as a 2013 “New York Area Top Rated Lawyer in International Law”. This designation in Legal leaders is limited to lawyers who have received the highest “AV” rating by the highly regarded Martindale-Hubbell legal directory.

Mr. Thal was recently featured in an article on LawCrossing. A copy of the interview is available for download.

Nov. 28, 2012 - Mr. Thal and his colleagues at Phillips Nizer LLP are pleased to have won a U.S. Federal Court jury award of $1 million (plus $200,000 interest) for a German client in an unusual finder’s fee case. Several newspapers in both the U.S. and Germany, including the Frankfurter Algemeine provided extensive coverage and a few such articles in both languages are attached.

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Past Events

On February 23rd, 2017 Mr. Thal shall participate in a speaking program and panel discussion (in the German language) with several German law professors Leenen (Berlin) and Leuschner (Osnabrueck) at a seminar sponsored by the German American Lawyers Association in Berlin. The subject of the program will be:

“Terms and conditions of sale in B2B transactions- a comparison between the US and German legal systems.”
(„Die Anwendung von AGBs auf B2B Verkaufstransaktionen—ein Vergleich zwischen den US und deutsche Rechtssysteme“)

In October 2015, Mr. Thal attended the annual meeting of the International Bar Association in Vienna, which was attended by some 6000 global attorneys from almost every country for one week.

From November 18th to November 21st Mr. Thal will join with Landesbank Baden Württemberg and the international accounting firm Rödl & Partner in speaking engagements on the subject of “Financing U.S. Business Operations”. These seminars will be held in Hamburg (11/18), Düsseldorf (11/19), Munich(11/20) and Karlsruhe (11/21).

Mr. Thal will be traveling to Japan in Mid-October 2014 attending the annual conference of the International Bar Association, of which he has been a member for many years. He will be joining some 5000 attorneys from almost every country to discuss the newest global legal developments over the course of one week.

Steven Thal will be addressing a banking seminar on Tuesday March 18th, 2014, in Vienna on the subject of "Special Considerations under American Business Law: Chances and Risks".

Steven Thal will be teaching a seminar on US Bankruptcy and Insolvency Law at the Ruprecht-Karls- Universität Heidelberg on July 10, 2012.

Steven Thal will be teaching a seminar on International Contract Negotiations at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München on July 12th and 13th, 2012.

Mr. Thal shall be attending the Annual Meeting of the International Bar Association in Dublin, starting September 30, 2012.

Mr. Thal has become the new Organizer of the German Entrepreneurs Meetup Group for young German venturers in New York and the group’s first meeting was held at the Bierhaus in New York on January 17, 2013.